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Corporate Communication
and it's implication
Course Number : 16
Corporate Communication and it’s implication

Course objectives

The objectives of the session are to equip the participants with the principles and practices of corporate communication in a professional way. At the end of the session , the participant will be aware of the application and use of meeting skills, written, oral presentation and international business communication including e-mail; good manners of telephone conversation; conducting meetings and so on.

Course duration : 02 Days

Participants level
  • Top level managers
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Executives
Possible topics to be covered
  • Introduction to communication,
  • Effective business communication,
  • Verbal Non Verbal Communications,
  • Oral Presentation Skills,
  • Listening Skills.
  • Roles and Functions of the Office Executive/Company
  • Secretary;
  • Board/Committee Meeting Procedures,
  • Procedures of Preparation of Agenda,
  • Minutes and Resolutions;
  • Various types of written communication: Internal office
  • Communication (Memo, Notice, Minutes);
  • E-mail & written communication, its importance in
  • Business;
  • Meeting Skills,
  • Nine Components of Meeting;
  • Using the telephone,
  • Effective telephonic procedures;
  • Net-etiquette;
  • Internal Business Communication and more.
  • Communication Processes of International Trade Inquiry,
  • Quotation, Order, Invoice & Correctness in writing
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